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Hach Chemical

For more than 70 years Hach has been at the crest of the industry — finding solutions to help you best manage your water. Hach’s analytical instruments and reagents are used to test the quality of water in a variety of industries and markets from around the corner to around the globe.



Hach® DR300 Pocket Colorimeters

DR300 Pocket Colorimeters

Hach® DR3900 Laboratory Spectrophotometer for Water Analysis

DR3900 Spectrophotometer

HACH 9430000

SL1000 Portable Colorimeter

Hach Chemical® HQD Laboratory Meters

HQD Meters

HQ Multiparameter Meters

Hach® Automatic Titrators

AT1000 Automatic Titrator



Hach is dedicated to providing high-quality reagents for routine and challenging water analysis. Understanding our customers applications has allowed us to formulate reagents that ensure exceptional performance and deliver trusted results. Hach chemistries are rigorously tested in combination with our packaging and instruments to ensure the highest possible system performance. Our portfolio includes: TNT (Test ‘N Tube™) Vials, TNTplus® Vials, Permachem® Powder Pillows, and Accuvac® Ampules.

Hach® TNTplus™ Chemistries Hach® Test Strips  Hach Chemical® COD Digestion Vials  HACH 1407028
TNTplus Chemistries Test Strips  COD Digestion Vials  Powder Pillows


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