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Sartorius supplies high-quality laboratory instruments, high-grade consumables and excellent services to customers in research and quality assurance laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry and academic institutions, as well as across a variety of industries: food & beverage, environmental testing, chemical, automotive and many more. The product portfolio focuses on high-value laboratory instruments, such as lab balances, pipettes and laboratory water purification systems. 



Save up to 35% on select Sartorius Entris® II Laboratory Balances and Moisture analyzer Upgrade Your Pipetting and Save up to 40% with Sartorius



Sartorius Entris II Sartorius Tacta Pipette Sartorius MA160 Moisture Analyzer Microsart Manifolds Sartorius Minisart Syringe Filters
Entris II Balances  Tacta Mechanical Pipettes MA160 Moisture Analyzer Microsart Manifolds Minisart Syringe Filters

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